Video Game Arrangements

AzureKevin Productions · OCRemix: "Treasure Beyond Dreams" ("Le Trésor Interdit" from Radical Dreamers)

AzureKevin Productions · "Lost Orphan" WIP (Chrono Trigger & Cross "Orphanage in Flames" & "Silent Light" remix)

AzureKevin Productions · "Leene in the Past Tense" demo (Chrono Trigger cross Porcupine Tree's "Love in the Past Tense")

AzureKevin Productions · "Belthasar's Determination" (Chrono Trigger remix: Sealed Door, Wind Scene, Schala)

AzureKevin Productions · "Star Stealing Girl" remix (Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition)

AzureKevin Productions · WIP "The Furthest Voyage" ("The Land Unknown" and "Searching For Friends" from Final Fantasy V & VI)

AzureKevin Productions · WIP "Distant World" (Final Fantasy V "Unknown Lands")

old songs (2008 prior)

VG Arrangements

Star Stealing Girl (Chrono Cross)
Winds of Change (Final Fantasy III)
Distant World (Final Fantasy V)
Synthetic Love (Secret of Mana)
Belthasar's Ambition (Chrono Trigger)
Reawakening (Chrono Trigger)
Eventual Dreams (Radical Dreamers)
The Furthest Voyage (Final Fantasy V/VI)
The Path to Despair (Chrono Cross)
Rachel's Last Dance (Final Fantasy VI)
Neris Rock (Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon)
Whistles of Life (Final Fantasy IX)


Glow (Blackfield)
Hurt (Nine Inch Nails)
How is Your Life Today (Porcupine Tree)
Further (VNV Nation)
Untitled Too (Apoptygma Berzerk)
Holding On (VNV Nation)